The Rotaract Mediterranean (MDIO) and the Rotary Inter-Country Committees Mediterranean Peace Initiative purpose aims to build bridges between the Pan-Mediterranean communities in order to facilitate the common denominator of sustainable PEACE in the region.

Mediterranean Peace Initiative Conference

Rotary and Rotaract, by their international structure, communication network and membership profile, act as drivers to facilitate mutual understanding and to shape the environment for peace, by gathering people of different nationalities, religions and cultures, speaking different languages.

Rotary ICCs and Rotaract clubs in the Mediterranean region, as well as the other ICCs and Rotaract clubs that have interests in the region, can accomplish Rotary peace mission thanks to three strong assets of our Organization:

Our international network
Our strong and experienced organizational structure focused on seven strategic areas aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Our active, diversified and intellectual membership, dedicated and committed to improve living conditions of people around the world and to facilitate peace.


In order to celebrate 76 years of United Nations chart celebration, Medicon 2022 major event will be the 9th Mediterranean Peace Forum.

The key speakers will emphasize and highlight the importance of peace-building and creating a long-term impact through collective efforts and engaging entire communities to effectively achieve the goals and results we aim for.


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